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Whasingtonia Robusta

Date Palmtree 16 Meter High

Date palm with spinning palmhead ,800w light in palmcrown,

Total hight 16meters,trunk with real palmbark.

Made for outdoor

Antislip And Bioplant Sponsors Cannonball2000

Welcome to Cannonball 2000

Cannonball 2000 is so much more then mythical race, it is as much a stunt and promotional events with huge media coverage. Many countries in Europe monitor arrangement through blogs, websites, newspapers and TV. In addition Cannonball 2000 collects a huge numbers of spectators in every city that the race visits. We develop a Swedish web portal. All with one purpose, to be seen and noticed as much as possible! We dare to show the way.

Bioplant Have Palm Trees That Withstand A Winter Climate

bioplant launches outdoor plants that withstand a winter sunlight and is maintenance-free

Orange Tree From Bioplant

bioplant design of orange tree

Bioplant On Radio

Bioplant president Mr. Tommy Nilsson interviewed on Swedish radio channel P4 by Lotta Bromé. You can download the episode from SR's homepage. The episode is P4 Extra 24 mar -09 and the interview starts about 55 minutes in. The interview is in Swedish.

Bioplant On TV

Bioplant presiden Mr Tommy Nilsson speaks about our unique products. You can watch the interview here (in Swedish):

Bioplant In The News Again

The Swedish newspaper Kvallsposten has written an article about Biotech Tropical Plants.

Click here to read the article.

A Newsarticle On Bioplant In Swedish Newspaper HD

The Swedish newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad has written an article about Biotech Tropical Plants.

Click here to read the article.

Bioplant And Lalandia Billund

Bioplant is now the main supplier of plants and plantscaping on the new Lalandia Amusement Parj in Billund in Denmark.

Lalandia is an amusement park in Denmark. The new park in Billund is located right next to Legoland and opens April 24 2009.

Find out more about Lalandia.

Bioplant Delivers Plamtrees To Russia

Bioplant are now delivering plamtrees to Russia through our agent Vitur S.L.

Bioplant Delivers Plamtrees To Bulgaria

Bioplant are now delivering plamtrees to Bulgaria through our agent Nikea Plants Ltd.